Friday, August 24, 2012

The life and times of Timothy Allen Kisper

Shucks, Folks. Ole Tim here is speechless. We been engaging with some art therapy here at the Outreach Center. They had us put on a play. I played the hunchback and Barney played a dragon, it was fun and all but more importantly was the folks who came in to volunteer. They were from a regional theater company and there was this on gal, Miranda, who seemed to take a shine to me. We were kindred spirits sharing that ole' demon called, addiction. While mine's been the booze all these decades she had a problem with heroine. I can relate, 'cuz in my pre-naval days of high schoolin' I tried pretty much every conceivable drug known to mankind and a few that weren't, yuk-yuk! Anywho, Miranda's a playwrite and does these one woman shows down in NYC and she was impressed with my yarns. So, in some spare time, she recordered some interviews with me about my life and experiences and she's gonna turn them into a play. So sometime next year I'll have to venture down to NYC (that is if the Good Lord sees fit in keepin' me on this planet) and watch a play about my life. Although, since she does one woman shows, I guess she'll be playing me. That's kind of weird and scary. Maybe Ole' Tim should skip this one, yuk-yuk. Anyhow, I think I owe it to Miranda to make the journey, 'cuz, ya see she wanted to experience the whole "Tim Kisper" package and not to turn this into some kind of blue nightclub act, but , Your's Truly, got to spend some private time with Miranda. I know I'll keep dreaming about her powdery pale face with that scarlet lipstick and purple ringed eyes. I'll be seeing Miranda. You play the strings of my heart...

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